Steampunk Assassin’s Creed Necklace

Hey! Yeah, you! Do you wanna make an Assassin’s Creed necklace inspired by the Industrial Revolution? Then you’ve come to the right place, with this simple Instructable you can syndicate your way around in style! A fun and easy accessory that will make every creed member look twice!

([DISCLAIMER] I am not liable for any injury you may sustain while attempting to follow this instructable. Any damage to materials or tools are faulted by the person, to which I am not responsible or accounting for.)

Onward, my friends!

Task 1: Materials

Steampunk Assassin's Creed Necklace

For this necklace you need these following items:


  • Thick metal ‘poles’ (Wire with the right gauge should work)
  • String (or anything that works around your neck)


  • Something that leaves a mark (Files, grinder etc.)
  • Hacksaw (Any saw really)
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Hands

And that’s it! Wow, this is easy…

Task 2: Marking & Cutting

Steampunk Assassin's Creed Necklace
Steampunk Assassin's Creed Necklace
Steampunk Assassin's Creed Necklace

To start off take your metal. I chose these coat hangers because they were the only thing even related to small metal ‘poles’ that I had but you can choose anything. Cut a length of the metal and keep the scrap for another day. You should aim to cut in excess of 6cm just in case. Trust me, I had so much spare that it was my saving grace when I mucked up with the initial cuts.

With this length of metal in hand proceed to the next step.

Task 3: Bending

Steampunk Assassin's Creed Necklace
Steampunk Assassin's Creed Necklace
Steampunk Assassin's Creed Necklace

Right, so…

Make one mark on the piece of metal. It should be dead center. Once the mark is in place cut it down (facing inwards to you preferably) but not all the way! Just enough that pressure can be applied to bend it without it breaking. Take the center mark and bend it to an angle, forming the start of a triangle.

Check the size of how big you want it to be and cut the rest of the now two lengths and make a mark about 1-2cm from the ends and repeat the earlier process. They should curve inwards to make the piece similar to the AC symbol.

Task 4: Making The Knot

Steampunk Assassin's Creed Necklace

Take the string and cut and measure it against your neck. Make a knot at the center of the symbol and finally close up with whatever clasp you want and then that’s it!

Task 5: Finished

Be a member of the Creed and wear your pendant with pride! You can add detail, color and other things that make this an excellent piece of jewelry to own!

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