Matrix batch code

Matrix batch code

This is my first instructable instruction today I am going to give you a step by step instruction to make a matrix using batch

Task 1: Getting in notepad

Matrix batch code

Go to start menu and search notepad and click Notepad

Task 2: The code

Matrix batch code

Type this code into Notepad


@echo off
title Matrix100

color 0a

mode 100

echo _

echo [_]

echo –

echo Brought to you by COMMAND OR CODE

echo Hand Written Batch Code by Billy Reedy


set r=100242011862467


echo %r%%r%%r%%r%%r%%r%%r%%r%%r%%r%%r%%r%%r%%r%%r%%r%%r%

goto B

Task 3: Save as

Matrix batch code

After pasting in the code save it as Matrix.bat and change the type to All Files then push save

Task 4: Matrix!!!

Matrix batch code

Then open up the file and have fun!! :-)

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