Easy Backpack Rain Cover

Easy Backpack Rain Cover

I have a very broken backpack (not the one in the picture) with many exposed pockets, and since it was raining very heavily I decided to make my self a quick and easy cover.

Task 1: Materials

Easy Backpack Rain Cover
  • Backpack you want to cover
  • Trash Bag (generally small but large enough to cover everything)
  • Scissors
  • Marker (optional)
  • Safety pins or something similar (optional but highly encouraged)

Task 2: Mark Your Cut

Easy Backpack Rain Cover

Put the backpack inside the trash bag with the straps facing you. Mark lines on the bag where the straps will go.

If you don’t want to be some punk who marks their cuts, go right on to the next step.

Some general guidelines:

  • I recommend starting about 4-6″ above the bottom of the trash bag so that it won’t eventually tear through
  • Always make your cut shorter than you think you need, you can always cut more

Task 3: Make Your Cut

Easy Backpack Rain Cover

Make said cut and you should be easily able to slide the straps through the opening.

(I apologize for the draw sting bag but it also works with regular backpacks)

Task 4: Wear it With Style!

Easy Backpack Rain Cover

You now have a “stylish” backpack cover that is fairly effective.

I highly recommend having someway, safety pins or something similar, to close the very large holes after putting the straps through. This will greatly increase the effectiveness of your brand new trash bag backpack cover!

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