Clash Of Clan Hack

Clash Of Clan Hack

Clash Of clans have been an interesting and amazing game for such a long.A lots of people have searched about clash of clans hack but would have faced with surveys.So my this Instructables brings you Clash Of Clans hack for you

Task 1: Action

Clash Of Clan Hack

So just a simple thing is to be done so follow the following steps and you are done with the hack
1)Download clash of clans
For Apple :
For Android:

2)After installing open settings > Wifi > Wifi info of the wifi you are using > Dns should be changed to

3) Then go to clash of clans it might take several minutes and sometimes it may not work but close clash of clans and open it again and it will surely work

4)Don’t forget in android it asks for 2nd Dns in that also it should be

Task 2: How it works

Clash Of Clan Hack

This hack bypass the clash of clan server and provide you with unlimited Gold/Elixir/Dark Elixir/Gems/Trophies

The modified app will search the fittest profile to whom you can attack by finding out the required detail you dont have to constantly press next button to find the attack.

Task 3: Proof

Clash Of Clan Hack

You may enjoy the hack I will search for new Dns and post it and vote for me video-games – Clash Of Clan Hack, in category: play

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