Aristocratic Ring

Aristocratic Ring

If you want to look classic at the evening’s ball, you want to adorn yourself with the latest garments and rings. Or you could just make your own in the style of an aristocracy. A super fun, easy and customisable design! Easily decorated, engraved or whatever else you can think of. It’s completely up to you!

([DISCLAIMER] I am not liable for any injury you may sustain while attempting to follow this instructable. Any damage to materials or tools are faulted by the person, to which I am not responsible or accounting for.)

Let us press on…

Task 1: Materials

Aristocratic Ring

For this ring you’ll need:


  • PVC
  • Metallic Paint


  • Hacksaw (or PVC cutters)
  • Marker
  • Engraving Tool (optional)
  • Files
  • Sandpaper
  • Scalpel (or any other edge)

The reason why there aren’t so many materials is because the design can be as custom and less time consuming if you mess up as possible.

Also, put some music on when you’re making things. Helps create an atmosphere.

Task 2: Cutting & Fitting

Aristocratic Ring

Take the PVC pipe and measure it to your finger. If it’s ‘ring’ size is equal to that of one of your normal rings then you’re going good so far. Make a design onto the pipe and connect it with the ring. Cut the PVC in consideration of the tip of the design and the actual ring band itself so you have different levels on the ring, even if that means you have a design overhang.

Task 3: Shaping

Aristocratic Ring
Aristocratic Ring
Aristocratic Ring
Aristocratic Ring

Quite simply, cut out the design. It shouldn’t take too long but make sure before you start cutting that the design that what you have there is what you want.

To cut into that middle piece, simply use the scalpel to carve it out and then head to the files.

You can also start engraving details onto it if you wish to now.

Go through the entire pipe until it is exactly to your specifications and then file and sandpaper the entire thing. This will make it somewhat easier to paint. Also, PVC dust can be dangerous if inhaled so be careful and wear respiratory protection!

Task 4: Painting

Aristocratic Ring

Next step! I personally chose to go with something metallic to simulate jewelry. But you can go with whatever you want. I’ve always found that nail varnish is the best option. Realistic, easy and inexpensive. I highly recommend it.

Coat the entire thing in paint and then that’s it!

Task 5: Finished!

Aristocratic Ring

You’re done! Wear the ring with elegance as you parade around in style!

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